SC 2018

ERSO Show Contest and Wheel Contest:

We are pleased to present to you the 3rd ERSO Show Contest "SC2018", which will take place on November 24th 2018 in the wonderful city of Bratislava in the Slovakia, hosted by the Rope Skipping Association of Slovakia. This event is a real show contest in a theatre atmosphere, with the possibility to perform the show you'd like the spectators to see.

Spectators and supporters are requested to dress appropriately to show respect to the culture of "the prettiest theatre in Bratislava" (Suit and tie not required, but PLEASE no joggings!).

This event also includes a Wheel Contest on Sunday, November 25th, where the competing pairs first need to sccessfully jump 3 compulsary Wheel routines in order to qualify to compete in the battles to determine the best Wheel pairs.

Event Brochure,   Show Contest RulesWheel Contest RulesSchedule,

Show Contest Competing OrderWheel Contest Pairs and ID-Numbers

Travel details to Bratislava,   Articles of Understanding

Please be sure to a submit fully signed Articles of Understanding form to ERSO for every registered person upon arrival in Bratislava. Participation is not possible without submission!

Up to 5 teams of 4 - 6 skippers per country may present a show with a maximum length of 4 minutes.
Two types of judging - see Show Contest Rules for competition details.

Show Contest Results:    Technical Results        Performance Results

Wheel Contest Results

All music
(for the shows and the Wheel Freestyles) must be sent in MP3 format to by 15.11.18 at the latest. Please send each MP3 music track in a seperate Email.
File name format
for the Show Contest music is: country_team name.mp3 (The team name as stated in the registration form).

File name format for the Wheel Freestyle music is: country_first name1_first name2.mp3 (The first names of the two competitors in the wheel pair).

Show Contest Competition Area:
The size of the competition area on the theatre stage (that is free from curtains etc.) is 10 m x 10 m.

Basic Schedule:
Friday November 23rd:       Arrival
Saturday  November 24th:  Practice time and Show Contest
Sunday  November 25th:    Wheel Contest (morning) and Departure

Package Price per person:
Full Package for complete event (Nov. 23rd - Nov. 25th): 220 Euros
Package only for Show Contest participation without accommodation and meals: 165 Euros
Package only for Wheel Contest participation (including snack lunch): 20 Euros

Each participating country is requested to Email their estimation and registration information to by the following dates:

  • 24.06.18   First estimation (expected numbers of teams and people)

  • 22.07.18   Estimation form (more accurate estimation) and payment of 90 € deposit per
                    expected participant

  • 15.09.18   Final Registration form and final payment of remaining sum

Payment details can be found in the Event Brochure.

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