Presently ERSO has:  
12 National members and is working together and communicating with
ÖFT (Austria) Israel
Gymfed (Belgium) Poland
CRSA (Czech Repiblic) Romania
DGF (Denmark)  
DTB (Germany)  
Finnish Gymnastics Federation  
MUKSZ (Hungary)  
F.I.S.A.C. (Italy)  
RRSF (Russia)  
RSA Slovakia  
SGF (Sweden)  
ROPESKIPPINGswiss (Switzerland)  
2 Club members  
G.T.V. Keizer Otto (The Netherlands)  
Club Trikit  (Estonia)
3 individual members  
Kay Sarah Rott (Norway)  
Richard Stannard  
Sabrina M. M. Tennebekk (Norway)  

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